Fanfic MST #2: All About Us, an Invader Zim fanfic (Part 10)

6 Jul

So today will sort of be like a double update. You’ll get both Chapter 10 AND 11 today (absolutely free).

Only because Chapter 10 is very short due to the fact that it’s not even a chapter. The “author” decided that bugging us on our blogs wasn’t enough and decided to go waste an entire chapter just to scream at us. Aren’t we special? :D

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Chapter 2

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I read that as “asshole misters” the first time, but then I realized that “Oh shit, she’s talking about us!”

Fucdk OFF! LEave my story alonf! You can’t write anybetter ao you have no wright to go and make fun of my story!

Great, first Obama started taking away a part of the First Amendment, and now I have a little girl taking my rights away, too? Man, sometimes it feels like we ain’t got no freedom no more…

And I didn’t steal your idewas Raelin! They are my ow n unique ideas andyou’re the one who stoole them them from me! So fuck off!

Riiight, because if they’re your own ideas, then why would your sister be complaining? Also, congrats for writing a swear word correctly for the second time. If you keep this up, you’ll be writing full sentences correctly.

And doen’t you know, prettuydog?

“Know her? Damn girl, that bitch owes me twelve bucks!”

But in all seriousness, barely anyone knows me so stop making yourself look like an idiot.

Anyone who’s actualy prety would be nice about it instead of being a BITCH!

Pretty = Nice?

Um, no. Please stop thinking that I call myself “Prettydog200” because I think I’m pretty. I’m happy to say that I do not suffer from narcissism, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

and if FriendlyNayghborhoodNERD was actualy freindly he would’nt have mSTd my sotry.

Gender confusion…

Last time I checked, I was pretty sure that the FriendlyNeighborhoodNerd was a girl. If she all of a sudden became gay and magically transformed into a boy, please let me know.

Also, why emphasis the word “nerd”? Are you trying to say that she actually is a nerd? Throwing insults at your MSTers is very nice of you. I bet this makes you feel pretty.

Ther’s nothing bad about my story anyways peopl love it anf youe just picking me becauise your jelous!

That also explains why people have stopped reviewing your crap altogether, right?

Now leav my story along you stupid trolld!

Don’t even go there. If there’s anyone close to being a troll around here, it’s you.

Okay, now on to the next chapter. This chapter is called “Evil Purple”.

Does anyone see the good in that? I don’t.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Purples POv~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

OH MY GOD. ARE YOU SERIOUS!? No. Stop this. Stop this right now.

“Leave the Tallest alone!”

I love Tallest Purple! The Tallest are probably one of the few characters I actually look forward to seeing when I watch Invader Zim. Why couldn’t you have wrote this from Red’s point of view? WHY!?

I was sitting on the couch waiting fro Zim to arrive with Landia.

Couch? Since when did they get a couch? Last time I checked, they do not sit on couches. If the Tallest bought a new couch, it’d be great to know right about now.

She was so beautifu l and I couldn’t wait to see her.


They arrived after a few hours and me and Red rashed to the voot runner bay to mmet them.

A few hours? It took Zim 6 MONTHS to fly from Irk all the way to Earth (or was it Conventia?) Also, it’s called a VOOT. CRUISER. I don’t know where these fucking authors get “voot runner” from because this isn’t the first time I’ve heard that.

When they got out of the voot Red took Landia’s hand and spun her around. I grabbed her arm and pulled her in towards my body.


“Come to the brige with me an Red we’ll give you the grand tour.”


You said Zim was going to “Irk”. The bridge is in the Massive. MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MIND!

I said taking her han d and leading her to the brige. After showing her arounf we were sitting on the couch we had put in a few weeks ago

You bought the couch a few weeks ago? Well why didn’t you fucking say that at the beginning of the damn chapter!? That would’ve been some great information to have learned earlier.

and eating some snacks.

“So how did you get too Earth?” Red asked opening another bag of chips.

“Well, I hated my life here on Irk so I ran away but after a few months on Eartth I realized my mistake and wanted to come back but I had already self-destructed my voot so I was stuck there. After a while the atmosfere of Earth got to me and I started looking more like an Earth lady.” She said twirling a stand of her hair. I smiled and an Idea popped in my head. I told one of the servants to show Landia to a room where she could sleep.

And just to let you guys know, that “unique” story you just heard had been plagiarized from her sister. So much for “originality”…

Also, since when do Irkens sleep? If Landia’s actually a true Irken, then she wouldn’t need a fucking bed. She could’ve been lying, like how Raeline’s OC did after Zim told her about the lie, but this author is so bad and so insane that I think she actually means it.

“Red, what if we made her into a Tallest to?” I said bouncing up and down a little.

Did the Tallest all of a sudden get his feet to touch the ground, because it’s not possible for him to “bounce up and down”. He’s got two stubby feel first of all, and second, he hovers. ALWAYS.

“Yeah. That’d be so much fun! All three of us ruleing over the Irken Epire together!” He laughed a little and we called Irks top scientist Gre and told him about our plan.


He thout it was a great idea too and said he could be there in a hour to make Landia taller. I couldn’t wait for her too be a Tallest because then I could kill red and take other the entire Empire!

You know America is stupid when they think Tallest Purple could rule the Irken Empire on his own. Tallest Red has always been the smarter one. It’s been obvious since THE FIRST FUCKING EPISODE. Also, the Tallest are almost like brothers, both happily co-ruling and hating Zim together. I highly doubt that the thought of killing Tallest Red would ever cross Purple’s mind.

Once Gre showed up we all went into a science lab and Gre injected Landia with a swrum that would make her taller. In a few hours she was just as tall as me and Red.

And how exactly does that work? That’s not how growth spurts work!

I was happy and I couldn’t wait until it was just me and Landia as the Tallests. Then she’d be all mine.


Only GOOD reveiws are allowed!

Don’t tell me what to do.


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  1. Loveable Freak July 6, 2012 at 10:54 pm #

    …When did Landia get amnesia? …And why the heck do I care about continuity at this point?

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