Fanfic MST #2: All About Us, an Invader Zim fanfic (Part 9)

30 Jun

You guys must be mad at me. I spent most of this week on an RPing site instead of working on MST’s :’C

Oh well, here you go though! BE HAPPY YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER WEEK! >:3

Wow, I’m really glad I didn’t start MSTing the next story because this next chapter made the story worse.

Much worse.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

OMG! WHy is everyone being so mean to me! If you don’t like it the don’t read it!1 Ids that rally too hard! To all the awesom, good, comenters, here’s the next chapie!

But will we know if we like it if we don’t read it? :3

If you guys don’t live, I just want to tell you all I was the one who ate last muffin! It was the best muffin ever.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Landia’s POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Now that I was a goddes, wich was frikin awesome,

For the good of the world, please don’t spell “freaking ” like that. You’re making yourself look like a troll.

I knew we could defeat Zim and destroy his base. So we headed over to Zoms

Are you that retarded? How do you spell Zim correctly in one sentence and then misspell it the next!?

street and saw him wlking down the street with a big gunm in his hsnds.

Where were you guys again? I think it had something to do with grass?

I gasped and sttoped running and Dib caught up to mer.

“You will die Dib-snit!” Zim yellled pointing the gun at Dib.

“Dib-snit” That’s a great name you got thar, Dib.

I made a wal of water between them and started swirling water above Zims head.

“Drop the gun Zim.” I yelled as Zim growled and dropped the gun. I laughed and Zim started sragling Dib. I screamed and tried to pull off Zim but I wasn’t strong wnough.

Is this girl more retarded than the author or something? Why don’t you spray Zim with water? YOU HAVE FUCKING OCEAN GODDESS POWERS. Stop making Posiden look bad!

…maybe you were too young to get your powers back after all.

After dib was dead Zim got up an turned to me.

Hold up, he died? You’re just going to say that in a casual manner that he died? Oh, and I suppose you talk about rape like that, too.

“You irken promised youd never leave me but you did!” He yelled pionting his gun at me.

“But I’m not irken anymore so it doesn’t count.” I said crossing my arms and sticking my tongeu out at him.

“You’l be irken again soon.” He said shooting at me. I screamed as I as i got turned back into an irken, still keeping my curvy shape, hair and blue eyes though.

May I do the honors of posting her sister’s review on here?

Dear sister,
WHY IN THE BLOODY HELL CAN YOU NOT COME UP WITH YOUR OWN GODDAMN IDEAS? Seriously, why do you keep stealing mine? Are you that creatively bankrupt? And you dare to call yourself unique! You’re about as individual as a common trout. Grow up and stop thieving.


So much for being creative…

Zim dragged me back to his bas e where he put me in a cage again and raped me.


I was going to put a little snippet of someone’s review on that, but I realize this speaks for itself. That had no purpose and therefore should’ve never been there to begin with.

Then he made me drink more of that love potion stuff and I fell in love with him again. Then he called the tallests and showed me off.

Zim, what the fuck’s wrong with you? Shouldn’t you have made her drink the potion first and then rape her? I know you’re an idiot but come on!

“She’s the most beautiful irken I’ve ever seen1” The purple one yelled placling a claw on the monitor. The red one nodded and grabbed a handful of dounuts. I blushed and giggled and spun around the room.

Seeing Landia do that just made me think of a scene from the Hunger Games. Oh sweet god, please don’t tell me she plagiarized there too!

Zi m sat off to the side smiling and I could tell her was thinking of something.

“My Tellests. How would you lie to have her?” He said rubbing his hands togethor. They both said yes really quikly and Zim smiled.

“WE’ll start off for Irk right now,” Zim yelled and cut the transmision. “But not before I have a little mmmore fun with her.” He said putting a cloth over my face. THen everything went black and when I woke up I was in Zims voot runner in a long, pretty blue dress.

This story is insane. End of discussion. The “Tallest” are aboard the MASSIVE you ding dong! Have you even done the research on this show!?

“Your gonna help me become tallest.” He said laughing.

See, theres a good stiry!

A good story? More like toilet paper to wipe my ass with. That was AWFUL.

All you mean peopl can FUXK OFf!

Yep, I’m really starting to think that she’s trolling now.


3 Responses to “Fanfic MST #2: All About Us, an Invader Zim fanfic (Part 9)”

  1. bloodredmoonbeam July 2, 2012 at 10:17 pm #

    GOD! WHy does everuyone have to picak on me because my Im a better writr than theya re! Jus t because you suck atr writng doesn’t mean you have thew rigth to go and mesa wioth it!!! FUCXK OFFF! Your probaly not even prety! Youre probaly jsut some some stupi d ugly loser who sit in the basemant al day pichking on people beccadse theyr beter than you!! Leavaev my story along you mean jelous BITCH!!

  2. Loveable Freak July 2, 2012 at 11:23 pm #

    HOLY CRAP! This fic just gets worse and worse! (Love the MST, though. I couldn’t survive this… thing without it…)

    And you took the last muffin!? NOOOOOOO!!!! WHY!? *sobs*

    • prettydog200 July 3, 2012 at 2:05 am #

      I know right? D:

      And I know, but it was because I was HUNGRY

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