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Fanfic MST #2: All About Us, an Invader Zim fanfic (Part 9)

30 Jun

You guys must be mad at me. I spent most of this week on an RPing site instead of working on MST’s :’C

Oh well, here you go though! BE HAPPY YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER WEEK! >:3

Wow, I’m really glad I didn’t start MSTing the next story because this next chapter made the story worse.

Much worse.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

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Fanfic MST #2: All About Us, an Invader Zim fanfic (Part 8)

15 Jun

Well, it’s been a month since I last updated (mainly because of school and lack of creativity) but now I’m back and an currently planning on putting things up more frequently on other than Friday until School starts up again.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

So just to recap, the last chapter was about our yearning to be an ocean goddess “goff”, Landia, who just got kidnapped by Zim and her own sister (for no legitimate reason), turned into an Irken, forced to fall in love with Zim, and is now human, AGAIN.

And that’s basically everything exciting that happened over the last three chapters.

Chapter 8


AN: Sorry for not updating. I’ve been having a hard time with itdotn’s comment and I’m gonna say someything to him/her.

In case your wondering, this was his comment:

“HAHAHA! This is great! I’ve never read a better trollfic! And don’t tell me you aren’t, because this fic is so spectacularly horrid that there’s no way in the sweet name of Nirvana you can’t be trolling. Nice job you wonderful troll you.”

1: First off it’s not a trollfic. ONly trolls write those and I’m too pretty to be a troll.

Nah that’s a myth. Pretty people could be trolls, too.

(Just to let you guys know, I was going to put up a picture of what she thought a troll looked like but WordPress got it all pixelated when I uploaded it.)

2: IT’s not a bad fic. Proof: all the good comments I’ve goten.

Yeah, from your friends.

3: If you don’t like it then wh y bother reading it?

Because it’s funny. Right, Mr. Stuffy?

Mr. Stuffy: ….

Forever alone.

And this time I’m not updating again until I get five good reveiws!

Five reviews, huh?

My Immortal, anyone?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dib’s POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Oh no! The Dib! THE DIB!!

I was so happy that Landia had freed me and wasn’t irken anymore. Id still love her if she was thiough.

“after I expose her and Zim.”

We got to the dance and sneaked off to a corner f the gym.

Looks like the “o” in “of” didn’t make it to the dance yet.

“Are you alright, Landia.” the word rolled off my tounge like silk over skin.

Which word. You said about 4 of them. Don’t tell me that they all rolled off of your “tongue”.

She nodded and put her head on my shoulder. I smiled and held her hands. After a while we got up and danceed for a while.

“And after we “danced”, we went back to the corner to snuggle and say really OOC things to each other.”

And after we danced we went back to sitting in the corner.

Hey, I just said that…well…sort of.

We talked for a while and eventually we went outside. It was a warm summer night and the full moon was shineing down on the field next to the skool. Landia laughed and we danced a bit more. When we got bored of dancing we lie down in the grass and talked about Zim.

“I hope he doesn’t find us.” Landia said in a semi-scared voice.

Isn’t that called “worrying”?

“Don’t worry. I’ll protect you if he does.” I said hugging her.

See? Dib knows what worrying is.

She laughed and stared up at the moon and after a while closed her eyes. Not long after that a lady all dressed in silver came from the moonbeams. I knew this was the goddess of the moon and I didn’t know why she was there but I knew it had to be something to do with Landia.

Did anyone remember back in chapter 1 where Landia wished to become an ocean goddess.

She nodded in my direction and walked over to Landia and thouched her on her head. Landia opened her eyes and looked up at the goddess.


“Hello my little girl my daughter Landia goddess of the OCeans.” the goddess said watching Landia git up off the grounds.

Besides being redundant, she tells Landia that she’s not an ocean goddess, but an OCean goddess instead. Emphasis on “OC”. GEDDIT?

God, I’m not funny today.

“Am I reaally your daughter?” Landia adked jumping aroond.

Nope. I lied.

‘Yes. And since you’r old enough to have your powers back I came to give them to you.” the goddess said touching Landia’s forhead.

What do you mean she’s old enough to have her powers back, I mean look at her. She can’t even write a sentence without there being some spelling, grammar, or puntuation mishap.

There was a bright flash and when it was gone Landia stood there looking more beautiful thewn ever.

Of course she did.

Her features hade become even more beautiful if that was even possible

You already said she was beautiful. You don’t need to say it again.

and she had on a long dark blue dress with lots of crisscrossing pearls on it. The goddess of the moon left and Landia walked over tome.

So she could walk over tome now? Interesting.
By the way, what is tome, Dib? Would you care to tell us?

“Dib let’s go! I’m a goddes now let’s go defeat Zim.” She said walking off towards Zims street. I followed her and got ready to kill my worst enemy.


I’d post that as a review so we could get a quicker update but that’d be too harsh. Instead I’m going to stand still and lay down in front of a rocket.