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Fanfic MST #2: All About Us, an Invader Zim fanfic (Part 7)

18 May

So who’s excited for another chapter because I’m not!

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AN: WOO! *Hands out all the Zims and Dibs* Thanks for all the awesome sauce reveiws guys! Reveiw this time and you’l get a megadoomer!

And where exactly are you getting these things from?
Also, I asked for a Zim to go, but he never left apparently.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Landia’s POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I don’t why I was suddenly so inlove with Zim. Was it because I was an Irken now?

How does Landia even know Zim’s race? Is it because Zim was so “in love” with Landia that he just couldn’t stop talking about making her Irken?

IT might have something to do with the suff he made me drink but I don’t know.

What do you think that “suff” was, Landia? He wants to have sex with you!

“I love you Zim!” I yelled wrapping my arms around him. He grabbed my wrists and pulled me baak.

“Promise me you’lk never leave me.” he said in a smooth and sexyy voice. “Irken promise me.”

Promise me that you’ll clean up my vomit, no IRKEN PROMISE me!

“Whats an Irken promise?” i asked brushing a strand of hair out of my eyes.

That’s what I want to know!

“An Irken promise is a promise between two Irkens that means they’ll always love eachother. It’s the Irken equivalent of getting married. It’s illeagal among the common sheep Irkens but two defectives like us can make all the Irken promises we want.” Zim whispered exictedly. But I wasn’t do happy.

I’m not “do” happy either. Irken promises sounded cool but with Zim explaining it the way he did makes it sound like complete B.S. to me.

“I’m a defective.” I wailed.

“But if you translate it right. defective just means unique.” Zim smiled and I stopped crying and kissed him.

No, it means abomination and destructive among the Irken empire.

“Oh Zim I Irken promise to never leave you.” Zim held me tight and I let the romance wash over me like a tidal wave.

“I Irken promise to never leave you to my beautiful Landia.” Zim said kissing me. “Now let’s get you a disguise so you can bled in with the humans and go to the skool dance with me my love.” I nodded and after my new hologram disguise was done we went shopping to find me a new dress for the dance. We’d been searching around for hours when I found the perfect dress. It was a long gown that was black with a dark blue and diamond studded net over the skirt and a dark blue corset on top with a lot of whispy silver designs on it.

No one cares about what the dress looks like.

I tried it on and It fit perfectly and we bought it and left. When Saturday finally arrived I was feeling weird about Zim, the love I felt wasn’t real. I told zzim about it and he just kissed me and ignored it. Right before we went to the dance I went down into the lab and looked at all the different chemicals. I found a green one and took a sip. I looked down at my hands and watech them turn back into human hands and I looked up to see Dib sitting in a cage. I walked over to the cage and unlocked it. dib jumped out and hugged me.

Did anyone find this paragraph fascinating and shocking because I found it to be boring.

“I knew you’d come for me.’ he said kissing me. I nodded and we snuck out of zims base and off to the dance.

And then Zim died from losing his precious Mary-Sue.


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Fanfic MST #2: All About Us, an Invader Zim fanfic (Part 6)

11 May

Okay, so I guess there WILL be another update of All About Us. Hope you guys don’t die before the fic ends.

Chapter 1

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Chapter 3

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Chapter 5

Also, today’s chapter is called “Irken Landia” which means you guessed it “Give her ALL the Mary-Sue points!”

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Fanfic MST #2: All About Us, an Invader Zim fanfic (Part 5)

4 May

Hello, friends!
Happy first Friday of May! :D
Also, according to the last time I looked at this fic, this was the most recent update (and trust me, I just checked this week.)
So, in order to keep entertaining readers, I’m going to start another fic (which is a bad idea but hey, I started MSTing this weeks ago). It’s not going to be an Invader Zim fic but it’s only two chapters so no worries! On May 24th, I might post another Invader Zim fic. I’m not sure because I’ve wanted to MST a My Little Pony fic I found but I’m not sure about that either.

Why must I be so crazy?!!?!4

Oh well, back to reading.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

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