Fanfic MST #2: All About Us, an Invader Zim fanfic (Part 3)

20 Apr

If guys forgot, tonight was supposed to be the night where we’re supposed to vandalize everything with Kony posters. Meanwhile, while every impressionable delinquent out there is getting arrested by police, why don’t we read a little bit of All About Us, shall we?

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

And we’re back to another “exciting” chapter of All About Us where last time, Mallory goes to Hi-Skool, meets Dib, chokes on some mashed potatoes and then, falls in love with Dib. That’s really it. Everything just feels like a big blur to me for the first two chapters.

CHAPTER 3 WOOOOOO! I didn’t think I’d actually make it this far! Please REVIEW!

I didn’t think you’d make it this far either (considering that you had absolutely no reviews at the time if I’m not mistaken)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Zim’s POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Oh god. *Braces self for the worst*

The new human child seemed attracted to the Dib. I had seen their shadows move together when they were standing outside the door. I’m not sure why but it made me mad to see the two of them together.


Compared to other Invader Zim fics I’ve seen, this is decent. But this is just the first paragraph so I’m not going to bring my hopes up just yet.

‘Well, I’ll destroy one of them eventually and then I’ll keep the other one as a trophy of my success. Hopefully the new girl. I’ll feel better if she’s there to remind me that I killed the Dib-worm.” I thought to myself as Dib threw a paper ball at the new girl. It landed right in the middle of her desk and she opened it and giggled.

Please don’t tell me that Zim is attracted to Mallory, too!

“NO HAPPINESS ALLOWED!” Ms. Bitters yelled and turned around.



The new girl had dropped the note behind her and when Ms. Bitters turned back around I pretended to drop my pencil and pick up the note. Dib had scrawled, I can’t wait to see you Saturday Landia. I scowled at the thought of them growing closer. I looked down at Landia’s elegant, calligraphy-esque script and read, Can’t wait to see you too. You’re funny! I frowned and put the note in my PAK. I looked over at her bored expression.

‘She’s going to be my trophy.’ I thought with a smile. ‘A what a pretty little trophy she will be.’ I started thinking about plans to get rid of Dib until I got home and started to really think about them.

Yep. I think it’s safe to say that he likes her.

“It’s just too easy.” I said to myself. “Too easy.”

But is it really?

Man these chapters seem to get shorter and shortser. I’ll try making them longer. A free Gir to anyone who reviews! Unless your The Anonymous Critic, then you get nothing!


Also, as of April 1st, there were only 3 reviews on her story, two of which were from OMGIRS squealing over how they want a free GIR.


I have never seen a girl crave over an insane robot this much in my entire life!

I guess since I’m what she calls now the Anonymous Critic, then I guess I get nothing…



Tune in next Friday to see if I could stop making sad puppy faces.


3 Responses to “Fanfic MST #2: All About Us, an Invader Zim fanfic (Part 3)”

  1. sphadmins July 2, 2012 at 7:54 pm #

    Actually, My fellow admin over at my blog is The Anonymous Critic and the reason hates her so much is because she burned Invader Cakez a few times. And since moonbeam there is a giant Cakez fan, she got all butthurt about it and now hates TAC with the burning intensity of being locked in a pressurized kiln that’s on fire. Yeah, it’s that bad. TAC even changed her screen name because of it.

    • prettydog200 July 2, 2012 at 7:56 pm #

      I guess I better do my research next time then. XD
      Thanks for clearing that up for me.

      • sphadmins July 2, 2012 at 8:58 pm #

        lol. no problem.

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