Fanfic MST #2: All About Us, an Invader Zim fanfic (Part 1)

6 Apr

Hey, guys! I know it’s been a long while since I last MSTed something, but after everything that has just happened over the months, I’ve never found any time.

So today, I have this Invader Zim fanfic for us to look at tonight.


Current Status: WIP (Work In Progress)

Rating: T

Pairings: Dib + OC

Summary: A beautiful new girl moves into town and Dib is quickly smitten. Unknown to him and his new girlfriend her sister is planning something evil with Zim. Will they find out in time? Read to know!

According to this summary, it seems like we’ve got a classic Mary-Sue on our hands.

Well, without further ado, I give to you all “All About Us”


All About Us ~ Chapter 1

I swear when I read the title, I thought of the song by t.A.t.U.

AN: WHEEEEE! I’m writing a fanfic! This is my first try at this so please be nice. And I present to you All About Us!

Okay, fine. Considering the fact that you’re inexperienced, I’ll try not to be harsh. It’s not like you’re a troll or something (unlike someperson…)

“Do I really have to move here?” I asked flipping my mid-back length, dark indigo hair and staring up at the new house with distaste.

Ah, the old moving into a new town cliche. It’s not like I haven’t seen that so many times (but considering that it’s your first fanfic, it’s expected)

Also, dark indigo hair? Okay. I’ll allow it as long as you don’t start acting like TAK.

“Come on cheer up Mally! This is a wonderful town and we even get our own rooms! Isn’t that great!” My sister Amy said, being all smiley and annoying like she always was.

Yeah, if I was going to a town full of smelly HYOOMANS and abnormally red skies, I’d say that it’s a wonderful town, too.

Aww, cheer up, Mally. Where’s your “getting-your-own-seperate-room-from-your-sister’s” spirit?

“My name is Landia! Not Mallory!” I said running inside to pick out my room.

Okay, so your name’s not Mallory or Mally or whatever. I don’t know why your sister called you Mally for. Perhaps, you could explain that to us in the future?

I found one at the top of a spiral staircase that you had to use a trapdoor to get in. It had a dark, almost black, wooden floor and the walls and ceiling were painted a dark blue.

“This perfect!” I gasped and pulled myself all the way into the room. My sister came up after me and stuck her tongue out.

“It’s too dark. Maybe you could paint it a nice cream color or something.” Amy suggested looking around the octangular room.

“How could you say such a thing! This room is perfect!” I said pulling up the trapdoor and leading her towards it.

Heads up, people! We’ve got some “emo goffiks” in the house.

She took the hint and left only to come back up later with my boxes of stuff; one of which had my new bed frame in it. I got to work unpacking and was about halfway done when my mom came up with a mattress and the two of us managed to pull it through the trapdoor. Once my bed was all set up, I went down stairs and ate Chinese takeout with everyone else.

“I think this move was a good idea!” I stated slurping up some more chow mein.

That’s the spirit, Mally or whatever you said your name was before.

“My name is Landia! Not Mallory!”

Good to know!

Also, think about it. Does setting up your new room have anything to do with the plot? Do we really need to know about how you put your bed together?

“Yeah, and it gets us away from that creep.” Amy said shuddering. She was talking about my ex who at one point was the sweetest guy ever but then when I broke up with him he started stalking me. I found out he was stalking me when I woke up one night and found him in my room.

So you were basically dating Edward Cullen, right?

I frowned and stormed back up to my room then layed down on my bed and cried myself to sleep. When I woke-up it was midnight and the light of the beautiful moon was shining down on my bed from my skylight. I smiled and pulled my knee-high boots off.

“Ah! Free toes!” I giggled and looked up at the moon.

“Someday the Goddess of the Moon is going to come down from the sky and tell me that I’m her daughter and that she was just hiding me here for my own safety. And then I’ll be crowned Landia, Goddess of the Oceans!” With this thought I smiled and went back to sleep.

Too bad there’s already a god of the oceans or whatever.

I’d love to live in that little fantasy, too, if I didn’t have to worry about false accusations of being a Sue.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed that! Part 2 comes out on Friday the 13th.


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