Fanfic MST #1: TEEN FORTRESS 2, a Team Fortress 2 fanfic (Part 8)

10 Sep

So recently was The Half-World’s anniversary. I just wanted to tell you guys to go tell her happy anniversary since this is the person who inspired me to make this blog in the first place.

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Chapter 2

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Chapter 7




The chapter ate the Medic and Demoman!? D:

I don’t know why but I want to do the drinking game for this fanfiction…with milk…

“Hell class sense Mr. Sanpe was kill I am yur new teacher Mr. Logik Editor but you can call me Mr. Logik lol.” Even with the new teech math class was boron an so me an Pyro was passin notes.

So what you’re telling me is that even though you got a new math teacher, it still felt like science class?

Pyro gaved me a note that said “Hey Scot do you want to go ot the lock room affer class wink wink?” I o-mouthed an wrote “Shore!” an she gotted it an blushed.

So, Scot wants to go to the beach to “do it” instead?

When class overed I headed wif Pyro to the lockers but then I saw somethin. Demonan an his girlfrend Gas, a goth emo hoo played all the videogames, was havin a fite. We ran up them an I said “Whats goin on?” Demoan looked at me in the feces an said “SHE ONLEE PLAYS GAMES AN NEVER GOS ON DATES OR STUFF!11” He scottished with angry lowdly. “WELL HE IS ALWAYS DRANK ON DRUGS AN BEER HE GOT FROM ATLAS AN P-BODY~” Pyro an I o-mouthed, Demoman was a druggy jerk1?

Not everyone who does drugs is a jerk you know…

Then… Demoman got on nees an started to cry. “Its tru I have a problim an addikshun.” He cryed an we all felt sad for him.

“Dont worry Demmy its ok.” Gaz hugged him to stop the tear cryin.

Could this be?

Is Gaz actually…caring about someone? *explodes*

“The Medik can make you cure I bet.” This was a good ideea so Gab, Demoan, Pyro an me all went to the siense lab were Medik was. Insid Medik an Heevy was eatin bananas but Heavy felt on the peel an made the floor ramble becos he was sooo fat.




We all lolled at the funny fall. “Waht are you dong?” Medik doctored wile workin on a project. It was… SPYS HEAD ALL PASHED UP!

Spy wass ad an mad at been a head specially becos he had sewiseded so he didant want to life. ‘KILL ME11!” He frenched.

Now you know how GLaDOS from “IT’S MY LIFE!” feels…

“No I need for you siense. So whats goin on guys?” We gave Medik the down lo on Demonman an his problim with drugs an beer. “Thats a essey fix. When Demo drugs an beers jus shot him with this gun!” He handed me a magum pistol. “Bu only shoot at plases that wont kill him or hell dye an it wont work.”

Deoman wasant listenin tho becos he was busy drinkin a beer so I taked the pistol an shot him in the eye. “YEEOUCH!” He extricated as blood an eye got all in his beer. “Now he is scarred strate an will never drink a gain!”

But then he still drinks anyway.

Evryone was soooo happy that Medik fixed Demoman specially Gaz who gived a goth emo eye pash for the lost eye. “Thanks doc!” He scottished an we went for class.

So I’m thinking that this is the story of how the Demoman got an eye patch on one of his eyes?

Why was Gaz walking around with an eye patch anyway?

“Mayeb anodder time Scot.” Pyro wispered to the eer an I was sad that we didant get to do the do. But Demoman was helped an not a junkie so it was a good day.


Thank gosh that’s over with. I’d really like to read Logic’s edits now.




Editor’s Note: Hey my fellow Marissa theWriter fans, it’s ya boy, Logic. Sup?
So, this is the 7th installment of Teen Fortress 2, edited by myself.

“It’s ya boy, Logic”? :D Wow, this guys cooler than I thought.


It had been a week since Principal GLaDOS was murdered. We had a new
principal, though, named Business Magnet, who was cool. He wrote stories and
stuff. Sniper and I were walking to school when, all of sudden, Soldier came
running towards us, crying. This was super shocking since I’d never seen
Soldier cry ever.

Hey, I can understand this now!

Well, I did understand it before but it was sort of hard since there were so many spelling errors…


We were playing baseball in gym class. I stepped up to bat with Marissa.
Soldier was pitching the balls and I batted them with a high hit average.
Soldier noticed his shoe was untied. Soldier bent down to tie it, but I batted
a stray ball and it hit his butt, effectively impacting his anus. “SOLDIER,
I’M SOOOOOO SORRY!” I ran to him to comfort him, but he was okay. “Don’t
worry, Scout, a real man like me never cries!”


If Soldier was crying, it had to be bad news. “Guys Ginny dumped me!”he
sobbed. This was bad because Ginny and Soldier had been going steady for
almost a month at that point. “Turns out she was a spy from Britain sent to
assassinate Mr. Sanpe!” We all were shocked at this revelation. Soldier
continued: “And worst of all: she said that another guy from Britain named
Harry went undercover too. His alias was… Wheatley! But something happened:
he got amnesia and forgot he was Harry and now no one can find him.” I
realized we hadn’t seen Wheatley/Harry in a long time. This was terrible.
“But what about Mr. Sanpe?” Sniper asked. He didn’t like Mr. Sanpe, and wanted
to get revenge on him with me, but if he died, it would be terrific, but we
wouldn’t be able to get revenge. “Part of the bad news is she dumped me as
soon as she killed him!” Mr. Sanpe is dead! I thought. I should of been
happy, but I wasn’t. I just wanted to get revenge on him, not to kill him. We
walked the rest of the way with our heads down low.

I don’t know about you people but for me, the paragraphs are a little bit hard to read since they’re all smushed together so I’m going to put a line in between the paragraphs. Just so you know.

When we arrived, I o-mouthed in shock. There was a new girl! She was even more
beautiful than Pyro. (but I’m not a cheater so I didn’t think that way) All
the guys was trying to ask her out and/or have sex with her, but she just
smiled and said “Sorry dudes, I’m taken!” She was walking with Caroline and
carrying a metal ball thing, about the size of a basketball.
Befour we cold ask who the new girl was Gabe Jonson said,”When life gives you
lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don’t
want your damn lemons, what the hell am I supposed to do with these? Demand to
see life’s manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Gabe
Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I’m the man who’s gonna burn your house
down! With the lemons! I’m gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible
lemon that burns your house down!” and ran with Rattman to us with the rest
of Teen Fortress 2!

I was gonna have POTaDOS quotes in this but I don’t want to steal from Skepkitty so here is a picture of POTaDOS instead.


*Clap…Clap* So we have that.

“Guys, that’s my future daughter, Marrissa Roberts. We
need to help her get to the future!” We o-mouthed but Engineer said “Dont
worry Gabe, I just passed my time machine exams, I can build her one.” Gabe
slapped him on the back and we headed for our class before lunch.
History with Mr. Pursell was boron (but saying that is elemental) because I
couldn’t stop thinking about Marissa an how she was from the future. Maybe
before she left she could tell me about my future and if I was married to
Pyro? Rattman was sitting next to me an looking happy so I asked,”Rattman why
are yo happy if Cave Johnson exploded your balls with his swagga?”


“Dont worry Scot I replaced them with these babies,” he said as he pulled down
his pants. I saw that his ** were now two robot balls, the space and rick
cores! “Balls of steel!” He said as space core yelled “SPACE BALLS!”

Just wondering, was that supposed to be a reference to the movie “Spaceballs” because if it is then I. LOVE. YOU.

Rattman was happy to have balls again and I felt happy too, because not having balls
is a bad thing if you’re a guy.
Mr. Pursell was drawing pictures of a dog an rabbit solving crime (Google Sam
& Max if you don’t get it) when the door busted open. A guy with a mask ran in
and landed. It was… SPY! “Guys, I’m sorry about before but Caroline is in
huge trouble, we have to help!” We ran out of the room and I saw Gabe Jonson
and the rest of Teen Fortress 2 goin to the gym and getting ready for a fight.

At least they’re going to gym and not into poor Jim this time.

When we got there, I saw Marissa, Caroline and Wheatley the robot ball getting

I miss it when Marissa would accidentally call P-Body “P-Boy”

Heavy got a determined look on
his face and rushed into the room. “OH NO YOU DON’T!” Heavy yelled as he
landed and crushed Atlas an P-Body like bugs so Marissa an Caroline were safe,
for then. “You got here just in time!” Caroline said laughing happily,
“My name is russian name so pepole just call me Heavy because I carry big


Logic, I officially love you now!

Heavy shook Marissa’s hand and she smiled at him. “These are my friends,
we all have cool nicknames. They are Scout, Soldier, Spy, Sniper, Demoman,
Medic, Engineer and Pyro. Together we are called TEEN FORTRESS 2!”
“Well little lady I heard you needed a time machine built. I passed my time
mashine exams so I can help.” Engineer got to work on making Marissa a time
machine. “The machine is complete!” He exclaimed after a couple weeks.
Marrissa an Wheatly got in, but…

“Marrissa I made this needle that gives you powers.” Medic said to Marrissa.
“No, I already have them in the future, this must be how I got them in the
first place,”she said in voice, sweet like honey.

At least her voice was not licking heaven this time.

“Okay then, I’ll put the
needle in Caroline so when she gives birth to you you’ll have them.”He put the
needle in Caroline an she got all glowy and stuff.
Then a evil laugh came from the next room. It was… CAVE JOHNSON an a bunch
of people who look like us but mad and mean. “I AM CAVE JOHNSON, GABE
JOHNSON’S MORE EVIL TWIN! Also I cloned your friends with combustable lemons
(at this Gabe said DAMNIT!) and made evil ones called BAD TEEN FORTRESS 2!”

Who knew combustible lemons could be so handy?

And yay! I’m not confused by which Teen Fortress 2 they’re talking about anymore!

I was sooo mad he made evil clones of us when Teen Fortress 2 was supposed to be
the good guys.
Marissa an Cave Johnson had a big fight with lots of action and stuff, but
that already happened in IT’S MY LIFE!, so go read that first, because this is
the sequel-spinoff, but you should already know that. After the big fight
Marissa flew back in, and we all cheered. “MARISSA MARISSA YAY!” We all hugged
her because she was a hero. Then Marrissa went into the machine with some
tender family moments with Gabe and Caroline.

Before it could happen, though, there was a gunshot… CAROLINE WAS SHOT BY
NONE OTHER THAN… CAVE JOHNSON! Marissa was stuck in the machine and couldn’t
get out, so instead Gabe ran up to Cave and roundhouse kicked his head. It
exploded, brain goop getting all over everyone. The bad Teen Fortress 2 ran
away! The Medic went up to Caroline but said “Im sorry Gabe but she will die
soon, the wound is fatal,” with tears in his eyes. Gabe yelled,”NOOOO!”
“Gabe… Marissa… I love you…”she said, then she died. “Caroline, I will
build you a new robot body and it will be called… GLaDOS in honor of your
dead mother!” Marissa got sent back to the future and we cried. After the
crying was over, we left the gym. School was cancelled due to Caroline dying
and the cheerleaders getting molested by Cave Johnson.
I was walking back to Sniper’s house when I saw Spy standing at a bridge with
a gun in his hand. “Thanks Spy you are a real hero.” I told him but Spy just
keept crying. “No, I’m not. I was too late and Caroline got killed. She was my
true love and I can’t live without her.” Spy held up the gun to his head. “No,
Spy, Gabe said he can rebuild her!” But Spy didn’t care.
“Then she’ll be Gabe’s forever,” He sobbed and pulled the trigger. Blood and
brains went everywere. It was so gross. A couple was having a picnic below and
some blood went on them so they threw up. I went home and told Sniper the sad
EN: Hey dudes. I hoped you like.

Liked it? I LOVED IT! I can’t wait to read the next chapter this guy edits! :D


6 Responses to “Fanfic MST #1: TEEN FORTRESS 2, a Team Fortress 2 fanfic (Part 8)”

  1. Logic September 10, 2011 at 11:24 am #

    Thanks, man! It’s me, Logic. That chapter was PAINFUL TO EDIT. BTW, I’m editing IML, so you can check it out on my profile.

    • prettydog200 September 11, 2011 at 7:12 am #

      No, it’s supposed to be “It’s ya boy, Logic!” XD

      Also, between you and me, I’d say that chapter 7 was probably the worst chapter for me. As a matter of fact, it was so horrible, it made Skepkitty depressed! D:

      I saw you were doing that a few days ago and I tried to fave it on my DSi but it wouldn’t let me. I’m going to go fave it right now. :)

      • Logic September 11, 2011 at 11:59 am #

        DSi’s are for oldfags. I’m on a 3DS currently, so get one!

      • prettydog200 September 11, 2011 at 12:36 pm #

        I still have one though and I’m getting a 3DS for my birthday.

  2. ASBusinessMagnet September 14, 2011 at 11:37 am #

    This chapter ate Medic and Demoman and did funny stuff?

    This chapter needs to revise its definition of “funny stuff”.

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