Fanfic MST #1: TEEN FORTRESS 2, a Team Fortress 2 fanfic (Part 6)

28 Aug

So my first week of school wasn’t so bad. It was actually fun. :D

If you’re new, you might have some catching up to do…

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5


Oh boy.


Teen Fortress 1? What happened to Teen Fortress 2?


And Chapter “Sex”? Hope this chapter is just as sexy as it sounds!

It was the nite of Carolines big party for the seinors an I was goin there with Pyro. All Teen Fortress 2 was there wif there dates that were: Heavy an Sasa, Solder an Jenny Weasley, Ingineer an his robot girl, Demonan an Guz, Medik took his mom becos hes a nerd, an Sniper took a striper he found named Loise Boombooms. Katty was there to wif a boy koala named Bund. Loise started to strip an we all went “GO GO GOG!” Eksept the girls becos they were jelly of her dancin an boombooms.

The Soldier/Ginny? I’m not a fan of Harry Potter but, I’m pretty sure that this pairing will probably never work!

All of the girls are jelly?

“Glad you guys cold make it!” Paroline an Gabe said while dancin. Pyro an I went to get some drinks from the pucnh table. “What wold you like drink Py?” I asked to her with spesal pet nikname that made her blush. “Ill have some water becos Im the designed driver.” Her smartly an careful made me lover her more than ever an maybe tonite wold be the nite if you no what I meen…

But YOU. JUST. MET. HER. You haven’t even been at Portal High School for more than a week and now you’re gonna “do it”?

We drank some drunks but somke happoned from the back place were some jerks was doin drungs an beer it was relay gross. “Hey this is a all ages party stop smakin you druggys!” I yelled loud at them but they didant listen.

I agree. Why are you “smakin you druggys”? Has anyone taught you how to use drugs correctly?

Then someon came in the room it was… PRINCIPAL GLADOS!


“OMG! WHY IS PEPOLE DOIN DRUGS AN STRIPIN IN MY HOSE?” She was reel mad an puched a table to make drugs an beer get all over her. Then… she started lolling an got high! “Oh yah lets party lol!” She said an dranked up the beer. “Mom whats happoned to you?” Carline got scarred lookin on her feces an tried to stop Primpal GLaDOS befour she did somethin dum an stupid.

So let me get this straight. She got drunk from having beer spill all over her? I’m pretty sure beer doesn’t work like that…

“Scot look!” Pyroy elled an I turned head round an saw the drug junkeys standed up an taked there cloths of an I saw they wasant humans they was… ATLAS AN P-BOY!1 (But I didant no that was there name becos I didant met them before). “Hey b***** we gonna shot you!” P-Boy angered an taked out a guns. “How robots this is bad noos!” Rataman cried “Hoo cold done this?” A man came lollin out from the bushes it was… CAVE JOSNON!


“You didant invite me so now me an are friends are crashin it lol.”

I hope he doesn’t do this during every party.

Cave goated an then he roundhose kicked Ratman in the man place an his balls exploded an got yucky gross all over me an Pyro but Pyro didant care becos she had a soot. Ratman got real quite, then screem “AARRRRRRRGUGUGUGGUGHHHHHHHHHH!” So lowd he broked all the windows. Caroloin was made at Cave Jonson for roonin her party. “Get out now Cabe you g****** f***** b******!1!1!” We all o-mouthed at Caroline sayin cusses but Cave keeped lolling.

“f*****”? Even the amount of asterisks she puts to cover up a bad word are wrong. You’ve been wrong about every single thing you’ve ever done. Where did your life go so wrong?

(That was a Portal reference.)

“Also I met a frends of yurs Scout called… yur bros!” I o=mouthed at Cave, my bros was heer?

OH. EM. JEE. *puts hands on cheeks and “o=mouthes”*

Then a mussely guy wif angry mustache came in. “I AM GOD THE BOWNY HUNNER AN YUR BROS SUMMONED ME TO KILL YOU SCOWT1!11/”

I found out recently that Dog the Bounty Hunter actually is a real person (the name cracks me up a bit though).

And no Dog, you are not God.

It was… DOG THE BOWNTY HUNNER! He had onna those chainsords from God OFF War an a mashine gun an stuff an he was goin to kill me!

“DONT WORRY SCOOT I GUT YUR BACK!” Heavy russianed an started shootin Sasa at Dog but Dog rabbed Principal GLaDOS so the bullets went in her an made her like holy an swish cheese. “!1121!” Carlnie screemed an Gabe try hold her but she kicked way an ran to dead mom body. “Mom you was to yung an had even quite smokin how will I live now?” She cryed all over the place an Dog and Cave lolled an Dog got reddy to shoot a gain but I was super mad at the kill of my friends mom so I taked out Marrissa an charged an batted Dogs head of an it flew far an the blood got all on Cave an Atlas an [-Body so they ranned off.

Pffft. Wusses.

The princepal was kill an the party was rooned an my bros was back for revnage cold things get any worse?

I’m thinking….yes!



I’m thinking because of the “wink wink” thing, it’s going to be…Marrissa or according to a review I found, ASBusinessMagnet. I don’t know really who she’s planning on adding but those are the best ideas I got.


2 Responses to “Fanfic MST #1: TEEN FORTRESS 2, a Team Fortress 2 fanfic (Part 6)”

  1. ASBusinessMagnet August 28, 2011 at 5:39 pm #

    And that’s about how much I can keep seekrits.

    • prettydog200 August 29, 2011 at 4:32 pm #

      Hey, I’m sure you went a lot farther than most people would’ve. :)

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